Amir Hossein Afzali


V I L L A No.1

Villa No.1 is a studio villa that is located in the North of Iran (near the jungles of Abbas Abad) and is designed for two artists that are also good friends. The property is approximately 2,479 m2 and contains two separate villas, the villas are positioned on the property in a way that maintains the privacy of each villa. Instead of having them side by side, there is shift in their location, this shift gives the appearance of closeness and privacy at the same time.


Each villa has three levels, the first level (ground floor) is the living area and a space for showcasing art, the second level has one bedroom, and the third level is a studio space for the artist. Each Villa is approximately 370 m2, the ground floor is 180 m2, the second floor is 154 m2, and the studio on the third floor is 36 m2. We have brought the yard into the private section of the villa by means of a large balcony in the bedroom. The balcony in the bedroom is 66 m2 with long windows that get very good lighting, the studio (third floor) is designed so that it gets the view and light from the balcony of the second floor. The artists spend a lot of time in their studios, so it was very important to create a space that allows for them to connect with their work. There is intimacy and connection between the studio, the bedroom, the balcony, and nature. The two artist friends wanted a space out of the busy city of Tehran and close to nature where they could create their art and entertain guests and visitors.