Amir Hossein Afzali


V I L L A No.2

Villa Number 2 is situated on a 680-square-meter plot of land in the eastern region of Damavand. A key design decision in this project has been the deliberate separation of day and night spaces or private and semi-private spaces within a striking architectural form. This strategy is implemented through the arrangement of spaces around a central courtyard in a horizontal structure, providing the maximum connection with nature. The house boasts a simple yet striking geometric form, creating a captivating visual contrast against the lush greenery of the surroundings. The form also appears to be floating above the ground, which gives it a sense of mystery and intrigue. To optimize natural light and ventilation, the house is strategically oriented, with expansive windows on the south and west sides allowing for ample sunlight. Meanwhile, overhangs on the north and east sides contribute to cooling the house during the summer months.
The structure of the floor plan can be considered as a study on the concept of the central courtyard. This concept has led to the formation of a spatial quality that is familiar, legible, and clear throughout the entire project. The bedrooms are positioned on one side, while the living spaces and kitchen are situated on the opposite side of this central courtyard. These two sections are connected by a relatively narrow dividing space to complete the U-shaped form of the plan. The connection of the bedrooms to the central courtyard is established through a corridor that is entirely transparent on one side, preserving the privacy of the bedrooms. In addition to its unique design, the house embodies sustainability with the use of eco-friendly materials and some features. Solar panels on the roof harness renewable energy, and a rainwater harvesting system efficiently collects water for non-potable uses and irrigation. The modern and dynamic look of the house is accentuated by its curved roof and cantilevered second floor. Nestled in a picturesque rural setting, the house is enveloped by trees and grass, ensuring privacy and fostering a serene atmosphere: a tranquil retreat in harmony with its natural context.