Amir Hossein Afzali



The installation is a circular structure made of white wood. It is located in the middle of a mall, and it is surrounded by other stores. The installation is divided into several different sections, each of which will be dedicated to a different product category. It will work like a temporary store, with different brands and designers renting out space for a set period of time. This will allow customers to discover new and unique products that they might not otherwise be aware of. It will also feature a number of interactive elements, such as touch screens and virtual reality headsets. This will allow customers to learn more about the products on display and to try them out before they buy. The design of this extension aims to establish a connection with and emerge from the surrounding environment) the shopping mall lobby (. Its oval shape mirrors that of the inner void of the mall, positioned with a 45-degree rotation at the precise center of the void. This rotation optimizes the oval’s spatial footprint, avoiding interference with columns and the entrance area. Also, its curved form has made the surrounding spaces soft, fluid and passable.

The installation is designed as an organic element harmonizing with the existing architectural context. It introduces a new function to the building without negatively impacting the overall space or drawing undue attention. The trapezoidal section minimizes visual obstruction. The strategy of continuity (versus occlusion) has been pursued not only visually but also physically. The two openings of the installation are located in front of the stairs and elevators that connect the floors of the mall. In this way, we tried to design the extension as a part of the vertical and horizontal circulation of the building that surround it.
The installation’s height is carefully calibrated to align with ergonomics and the human scale, offering people the opportunity to walk around or enter, creating a sense of inclusion. It becomes an interiority within the mall, providing a unique experience for users. The structure comprises horizontal wooden strips supporting polycarbonate boxes, giving the impression of suspended goods. Overall, the installation is characterized by its light, porous, and dynamic form. The curved design generates diverse perspectives, and its semi-transparent appearance piques people’s curiosity.
The installation is a great way to promote innovation and creativity in the retail industry. It is also a great way to attract new customers to the shopping mall.