Amir Hossein Afzali



Nastran No.14 is a residential project located in the northern part of the city of Tehran, Iran. The project consists of two duplex units that is designed for the growing number of young urban couples. In this project, we were limited to space as the Land is only 140 m2 with a width of 8 m.

The façade takes shape from the mirroring of the two floor plans, therefore, there is shifting of back and forth in the façade. Our design focuses on interaction of the private sector (bedroom) and the living area within the unit as well as optimizing the light the units receive. We pushed back the façade slightly in order to create balconies, each unit has two balconies, one on the first floor and one in the bedroom (second floor), the balconies are designed such that there is a flow and interaction between them. In order to allow for light in both units, we opened up the eastern wall of the top unit and western wall of the bottom unit. Both units have view of the south and get the southern light, but the top unit also gets the eastern view and the bottom unit the western view. Each unit is 110 m2 total (55 m2 each floor), but is designed to appear larger and more spacious. Tehran is a busy city that has grown fast over the years and lacks green space, so we have brought greenery to the units by means of the balconies, two on each unit, and a roof garden. Interaction and flow within the units, natural light, and green space were our main objectives for this project.