Amir Hossein Afzali



The Lena Villa project is situated on a 10,000 square meter plot of land, featuring a 2,000 square meter floor area distributed across three floors in the eastern area of Damavand. During preliminary investigations, it was discovered that an underground water stream traverses a section of the intended building footprint. Our response to this context-related challenge became the cornerstone of the design strategy for this project. The angled boundary between the building and the water stream transformed into an angular wall on the ground floor, defining the character of the entire structure. The upper floor in this section reverts to the original edge of the footprint, supported by a sizable console. Together, the angular wall and the upper floor accentuate the void on the ground floor. Positioned at this distinctive juncture is the pool, strategically placed to mirror the unseen layers beneath the ground and emphasize the interplay between the Figure and the Ground.
The ground floor’s perception as a neutral, passive base is achieved through a change in facade material, with a gray finish distinguishing it from the active, bright cantilevered volumes of the upper levels. The suspended, cubic volumes of the upper level serve as searching eyes, oriented toward nature, the surrounding landscape, and the sky. Placing these substantial openings at a height fosters a close connection with nature while safeguarding the privacy of the enclosed spaces. The glass walls allow the occupants to feel like they are part of the outdoors, while the elevated position of the house provides privacy and seclusion.