Amir Hossein Afzali



Arad Project is a residential project located Shemshak, which is a village in the northeast of Tehran known for its ski resort. Shemshak is about 60 km from the city of Tehran and a popular destination in the winter. The location of the project within the property was given to us and we were asked to design a 7 floor residential complex. The land is 5,440 m2, and the layout of the site location was on the northern part of the property. We decided to split the area provided to us into two areas, one in the north and the other in the south of the property. These two layouts (spots) are connected to one another on the ground and first floor only. The idea was that the façade becomes part of nature and blends in with the sky slopes. Due to the shape and color of the façade, it appears to be part of the ski slopes. The residential complex is designed to blend in with the nature of the region. The physical appearance of the complex is designed to encourages that same mentality, of being one with nature, among its residents. Each unit has a terrace, and the terraces are designed in a way that connect the people of the complex, a sense of community and oneness with nature is truly felt in the complex. There are a total of 40 units in the complex with a gross area of 10,400 m2