Amir Hossein Afzali



Ista Village is a residential project located in Talegan which is countryside on the southern hillside of the Alborz mountains the city is known for its diverse wildlife, lake, waterfall, and nature. Talegan is about 166 km away from the city of Tehran. This project was inspired by a village in Talegan, called Ista Village. The village of Ista is such that the houses are on top of one another as it is a very steep area, the roof of one house is the entrance and balcony of another house. The village still remains the same, as the people of this village are isolated from society and live a simple life far from technology. 

The architecture of this village was interesting to us and in inspiration mainly due to its slope, with this village in mind, we have designed a residential complex with 5 separate villas that are located on a slope of about 16%. We tried to create the staircase appearance of Ista Village here, but with a modern twist that also allows for the privacy of each villa. There are two types of villas in this complex, the larger ones, including their balconies, are about 437 m2 and the smaller ones are about 197 m2. There is a sense of community in this complex, similar to that of Ista, but at the same time each villa can maintain its own privacy. The architecture is modern but gives a sense of community and simplicity that is similar to that of Ista village.